Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Red Baron Flies Again

Well, my capstone project is all but done. So I will be blogging more. While my brain recovers from that project, here is a screen shot I took recently.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

IC:Taseli's Journal: Learning the ways of the Talon, Part 1

I spoke with one of the druid trainers in Stormwind today. He told me that I possessed the knowledge and the skills to become a druid of the talon. He told me to seek out a druid by the name of Morthis Whisperwing in Zangarmarsh. Ahhh... To return to the marsh... I do find the area to be beautiful, though the smell would keep me from taking up a residence there... Ohh... Where was I..

Ah yes, Morthis. He told me that to learn the ways of the talon I would have to perform a ritual. To do that I would need to gather some herbs to make a potion. Ten bogblossom, ten dreaming glory and ten ancient lichen, to be exact. Not that difficult really... I already had a good amount of dreaming glory and was able to purchase the ancient lichen rather inexpensively in Stormwind. The bogblossom was another story. It only grows on the top of the giant mushrooms that grow in the area... So I had to take a flight.

I returned to him, later in the evening with the herbs... The uptight jerk complained when a bit of pollen hit him, causing him to sneeze... Well.. I guess we will see where I have to go from here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Create a World

Recently I have had some ideas floating around about a new world, with its own history, geography, people, religion etc. To help develop this idea I will occasionally post here discussing different aspects of this world as I develop it.

As far as the overall view of the world I see it as an alternate history of earth where magic more or less takes the place of technology. The history of this world is defined by ages, which they them selves are defined by specific events. As I see it, the current age, or the Age of Kings is coming to a close. This age was preceded by a Dark Age where all accounts of the previous age were lost to legend and history during this time was not recorded.

I don't have a lot defined yet... Not even a name... Hopefully in the coming weeks I will have a chance to flesh the world out a bit more. If I have enough, I may even change my NaNoWriMo attempt to a story set here instead of my original idea of telling about Tas' past.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So I am attempting NaNoWriMo

So I'm going to attempt to write 50,000 words in a month, starting November 1st... Probably won't succeed, but should at least provide a few good posts here... I am going to write a story about Taseli... Not sure what the plot will be yet, but I still have weeks to set my general direction.

This will be interesting considering it is also a busy semester at school.

Friday, September 19, 2008

IC: Anna's Friday Five

Well, Ike canceled the Friday Five last week. But it did inspire this weeks! Well, on to the questions

1 - Would your character leave or stay? Why or why not?

2 - Where would they go (if they were leaving), or take shelter (if they were staying)?

3 - How would they get there?

4 - If given 2 hours to pack, what would they bring with them of their current posessions?

5 - What would they leave behind?

I'm gonna answer these with my gnome warrior Boetan.

1) Boetan would stay. Mainly because he is rather insane would try to fight the storm

2) He would go out to meet the storm head on. He is a warrior and its his job to distract things while others kill them, after all.

3) If he was forced to go, he would most likely travel tied up on the back of his brother's Mechstrider.

4) Boetan probably wouldn't bring anything that he wasn't wearing. He would spend the two hours trying to convince his brother to let him stay.

5) Everything except what he was wearing, see above.

IC: Amun'Sol: Breaking Ties

The design in front of Amun'sol was complex. Lifting his mug to his lips, he took a small sip of the nectar. Soon his questions would be answered and he would be able to start work on Vasilka's latest design... He had never seen anything this intricate before. He didn't even know if it was physically possible to make. But he was going to try. He had to, for Vasilka. She took so much delight in seeing her designs turned into reality, and seeing that delight made him happy.

Sipping the nectar, and looking at the drawing, Amun'sol didn't notice the figure approach him. Glancing up, he recognized the man sitting at the table across from him. "Hello father."

"Hello Amun, my boy. How is the family?" The man replied, a smile crossing his face.

"Vasilka and the twins are fine. What brings you to the Exodar?" Amun replied. He hadn't seen his father since he went to visit him in Shattrath to introduce Vasilka to him and announce their upcoming marrage.

"Forced leave. The commander insisted I needed to take a break. I'm surprised to see you here.. Thought you were living in the human city."

"I do, father. I came here to ask the advice of some of the master jewelcrafters on how to make this." Amun'sol slid the design across the table to his father. Maran'sol looked at the drawing briefly and handed it back.

"Still fooling around with this stuff eh?" Maran chuckled. "Not ready for some real work are ya."

"Fooling around? My craft puts food on the table for my family." Amun scowled as he said this.

"Fighting in our homeland would put more on their table."

"I'm not you dad... I want to be there for my family. I want to see them and be with them." Amun'sol frowned. He knew this would happen. Its why he hadn't made an effort to contact his father again.

"So staying home with that insane whore of a wife is more important to you than protecting our people." Maran'sol spat.

Amun'sol lept from his chair, grabbing his father by the neck and pinning him to the wall. "What did you call her?"

"She's an insane whore. I've heard stories about her. " Maran'sol gasped.

"Call her that again and I will end you father. You know nothing about her." Letting go, Amun'sol stepped back and stuffed the drawing in his pocket. "I better not see you again, father. I do what I must for my family. That is my walk in life. I will not abandon them as you did us. Good day."

Storming out of the bar, Amun made for the ship back to Menethil. He was in no mood to speak with the master now... All he wanted was to be home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IC: Taseli: A Meeting at Beggar's Haunt: Part 3

Taseli slumped down by the pool, hugging her knees to her chest. Tears rolled down her cheek as she stared into the still water. It was done. He was out of her life for good.

Minutes passed, though they felt like hours. The leaves rustled gently in the breeze as clouds formed on the horizon. Taseli looked up. It would rain soon. The air began to feel thick. It stuck to her as she slowly rose to her feet. She looked back at the pool one last time before turning towards the path. Before turning towards home.

The first few drops hit as Taseli neared the bottom of the hill. It was a warm rain and felt comforting. Like Elune knew how she felt and was crying with her. Myst stood waiting for her where she left him. The large sabres eyes looked at her, sympathetically. She approached the cat and huged him around the neck, running her hands through his soft fur.

"It'll be alright." She smiled weakly at him. Sighing, Taseli climbed on his back. "Come, lets go home."

She sat in the saddle, slumped as Myst came to a stop before the flight master in Darkshire. Taseli looked up and handed the man a few coins, mumbling the words "Ironforge, please." as she slid of Myst's back and made her way to one of the waiting gryphons.

It was a flight she had made before. This one took longer, or seemed to in her mind. It was done, he was out of her life yet she couldn't get him out of her mind.

The gryphon landed in Ironforge, though Taseli didn't seem to notice, remaining astride the beast, head resting on the back of its neck.

"Come on, Lassie... thi' ol' bird is needed for anotha flight." Came the voice of the Flight Master. Taseli merely nodded in responce and slid off, walking towards her apartment more out of habit than anything.

Next thing Taseli new she was in her bedroom. She didn't remember getting there, but her mind was in a fog. Glancing at the bed she saw Kit, sprawled across it, barely leaving any room for her. The sight brought a small smile to her face. This was why she did it... This was why she couldn't go back.