Friday, September 19, 2008

IC: Anna's Friday Five

Well, Ike canceled the Friday Five last week. But it did inspire this weeks! Well, on to the questions

1 - Would your character leave or stay? Why or why not?

2 - Where would they go (if they were leaving), or take shelter (if they were staying)?

3 - How would they get there?

4 - If given 2 hours to pack, what would they bring with them of their current posessions?

5 - What would they leave behind?

I'm gonna answer these with my gnome warrior Boetan.

1) Boetan would stay. Mainly because he is rather insane would try to fight the storm

2) He would go out to meet the storm head on. He is a warrior and its his job to distract things while others kill them, after all.

3) If he was forced to go, he would most likely travel tied up on the back of his brother's Mechstrider.

4) Boetan probably wouldn't bring anything that he wasn't wearing. He would spend the two hours trying to convince his brother to let him stay.

5) Everything except what he was wearing, see above.

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